Arusip Salad

Arusip Salad

Haven’t tried fresh seaweed yet? Visit the wet market and grab a bunch of arusip, which looks like small grapes. It’s great tossed in a cane vinegar or served with calamansi or lime juice. This arusip salad recipe is healthy, refreshing and so easy to make, served with sliced onions, ginger strips and tomatoes, tossed …

Pork Style Humba

Adobo Style Pork Humba

In this recipe, pork hock is first fried till the meat turns brown. It is then simmered  in soy sauce, oyster sauce, white vinegar, pineapple juice, lime juice, muscovado sugar and star anise. Tossed in tausi or fermented black beans, along with fried banana slices, banana blossoms and egg. The result is an endulgent, glistening, …

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